Sponsor a Book Contributors and Jurisdictions

We would like to thank all of the Contributors of the Sponsor a Book Project. Below is a listing of all of our Contributors.
We are still $230.13 from the projected goal of $753.39, make your contribution-for more details click here.

1. Christine Hackett

2. Anne Huffman

3. Carwin Drake

4. Isaac Lodge No. 100

5. Delry Wilson

6. Rex Edrington

7. Raymond Sean Walters

8. Jennifer Norris

9. Bridget Gray

10. Ken Collins

11. Stanley Brooks

12. Damajo Smith

13. George Hudson

14. Ralph McNeal

15. Nate Hudson

16. James Thompson III

17. The Masonic Roundtable (Jason Richards, Jon Ruark, Robert Johnson, Nick Johnson and Juan Sepulveda)

18. Christopher Martone

19. Rex Jones

Jurisdictions shipped to:

MWPHGL of Texas

MWPHGL of Alabama

MW Stringer Grand Lodge (Mississippi)

MWPHGL of Tennesse

MWPHGL of Oklahoma

MWPHGL of Arkansas

MWPHGL of Pennsylvania

MWPHGL of Massachusetts

MW Union Grand Lodge of Florida

MWPHGL of Rhode Island

MWPHGL of Illinois

MWPHGL of Iowa

MWPHGL of Louisiana

MWPHGL of Oregon, Idaho and Montana

MWPHGL of District of Columbia

MWPHGL of Georgia

MWPHGL of New York

MWPHGL of Connecticut

MWPHGL of Colorado

MWPHGL of South Carolina

MWPHGL of North Carolina

MWPHGL of Wisconsin 

MWPHGL of New Mexico

MWPHGL of Arizona

MWPHGL of Washington 

MWPHGL of Ontario, Canada

MWPHGL of Caribbean

MWPHGL of the Bahamas

MWPHGL of Hawaii

MWPHGL of Virginia

MWPHGL of Maryland

MWPHGL of New Jersey*

MW Grand Lodge of Washington 

MW Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

MW Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

MW Grand Lodge of Connecticut

MW Grand Lodge of Arizona

MW Grand Lodge of Virginia

MW Grand Lodge of District of Columbia

MW Grand Lodge of Illinois

MW Grand Lodge of Florida

MW Grand Lodge of Minnesota

United Supreme Council SJ PHA

United Supreme Council NJ PHA

Supreme Council for SJ (MS)

Supreme Council for NMJ (MS)

Newark Public Library (African American Reading Room)