On March 6th, every year, for as long as can be remembered, thousands of Prince Hall Masons, Eastern Stars and Prince Hall Affiliation members around the world fly their banners and post hearty images of pride to celebrate what is called “Founders’ Day” for Prince Hall Freemasonry. March 6th, 1775 is the day the “Immortal 15” were raised as Master Masons in Irish Military Lodge No. 441 in Boston, Massachusetts. Hundreds of books and publications written on the history of Prince Hall and African Lodge No. 459, provide March 6, 1775 as the start date for “African American Freemasonry,” and July 3, 1776, for the organization of African Lodge No. 1. As a grateful Prince Hall Affiliation member, the sacrifices, heritage, and lineage of African Lodge No. 459 should be celebrated. There is only one problem; neither Prince Hall nor any of the brothers associated with the start of African Lodge No. 1 were made Master Masons in 1775, and Irish Military Lodge No. 441 had nothing to do with their initiations or the organization of African Lodge No. 1!




 “Brother Hairston has laid out a solid and convincing case that does compel the objective reader to reconsider the early accounts of the creation of Prince Hall Masonry.”


 -Brother Michael Poll, Cornerstone Publishing, New Orleans




 “This is a very interesting and comprehensive paper on the origin of African Lodge No. 1. Much confusion about its history has been cleared up by in-depth analysis of primary and secondary sources.”


 -Rebecca Hayes, Grand Archivist, Ireland




 “This book will change the history of Prince Hall Masonry as we know it and it will force historians to revisit the history of African Lodge #1 and Prince Hall’s entrance into Freemasonry.”


 -WB Dave Gillarm, Grand Historian, Georgia




 “My hope is that Brother John Hairston's research will have all Masonic researchers revisit our history, their Grand Lodge’s history and also their lodge’s history.”


 -Bro. Ralph McNeal, FPS-Phylaxis Society, Arizona




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 Landmarks of our Fathers, the Collection series first installment that navigates through the murky waters surrounding the start and origin of African Lodge No. 1 of Boston, and the initiation of the Immortal Fifteen, providing documented answers to time-aged questions regarding the history of this great Legacy in American Freemasonry.


 The Moment in History that Changes Everything...




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